atarax costo Teaching Children About Philanthropy

Are you raising a future philanthropist? You don’t have to be rich to make a difference. Here are some tips to help teach children about the meaning of giving back:
1.  render Lead by Example – Age appropriate Volunteering will help expose your children to great causes
2. cerazette usa avert Let Your Kids Choose Their Cause – Allow children to actively select causes they wish to support
3. elocon lotion price Research Different Non-profits – We suggest using and
4. Support Houston Charities – Seeing real results will help them understand the impact of philanthropy
5. Match Donations – A dollar for dollar match shows your support for your children and the cause
6. Make Philanthropy a Family Subject – Have fun while giving back! Explain the value. It’s not about just giving money.
7. Education – Teaching children about philanthropy is teaching them about compassion, kindness, citizenship and so much more.
8. Donations Instead of Gifts – Consider choosing one special event in which you consider asking guests to make donations to a favorite charity instead of bringing gifts or donate a percentage of allowance
9. Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude – Express thanks for what you do and do not have. Remember what money can’t buy.

Why should we give back? Because it…
1. Strengthens our Families
2. Strengthens our Community
3. Feels Good
4. Takes Only One Person to Make A Difference
5. Teaches a Sense of Responsibility
6. Uses Time Wisely
7. Stimulates Future Job Ideas

Together we can make a difference and children have the power to change the world. Check out these amazing organizations that were started by KIDS!

Parents, relatives, teachers and mentors take an active role in influencing children. Together we can help children explore their philanthropic personality. Here are a few resources to help discover their interests:

Learning to Give – GenerationOn
Kids Care Clubs
Ten Fun Volunteering Ideas
Children’s Books that Teach How to Give Back
Youth Philanthropy Resources
Teaching Kid to Give Back: Five Easy Ways to Volunteer from Home with Toddlers and Kids
Yes Kidz Can!
Roots and Shoots – a program of the Jane Goodall Institute
Doing Good Together
Compassionate Kids

Ways to Give Back – Join a local charity to:
1. Help the Environment – Plant a garden or a tree, clean up a park or your community, teach children to recycle
2. Participate in Lemonade Day in May? It’s a great way to teach children about entrepreneurship and philanthropy!
3. Visit an Animal Shelter – Volunteer on a weekend to walk animals for exercise, offer the animals some needed attention and affection or donate pet food and toys
4. Support a Health-Related Cause – Participate in a family walk, run or by riding a bike to help raise money and awareness of a cause that has touched your family
5. Support others in Need- Adopt a Family
6. Feed others -Sort food at a local food bank
7. Create a Local Drive – Collect Coats, Books, School Supplies
8. Promote National Days, Weeks and Months of Awareness for Causes
9. Plan an Event for Global Youth Service Day! – Mid April
10. Plan an Annual Family Day – Each November there is a National Family Volunteer Day
HandsOn Network, Points of Light Institute and The Walt Disney Company proudly present Family Volunteer Day. This annual day of service, held on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, is designed to demonstrate the power of families who choose to volunteer together to support the communities in which they live and serve. Volunteering as a family provides quality time for busy families, strengthens communication and bonds and positively impacts local communities across the nation.

Be sure to check out our calendar under Charity Events for a list of current events and activities in our city.

Do you have additional ideas to share? Feel free to send us an email and let us know how you are making a difference by teaching children about philanthropy.